Additiv & Color Solutions

Masterbatch FLR
Batches for flame retardancy

Masterbatch LSW
Batches for laser welding

Masterbatch EXM
Release agent batches

Masterbatch ABL
Antiblock batches

Masterbatch CDE
Batches for abrasion improvement

Masterbatch COL
Color batches

Masterbatch PCT
Batches for light protection of filler material

Masterbatch ABR
Batches for abrasion improvement

Masterbatch ASC
Anti-scratch batches

Masterbatch CYC
Batches for cycle time reduction

Masterbatch AOX
Antioxidant batches

Masterbatch AST
Antistatic batches

Masterbatch AYE
Anti-yellowing batches

Masterbatch UVP
Batches for light and UV protection

Masterbatch FOG
Antifogging batch

Masterbatch NUC
Nucleating batch

Masterbatch SLP
Lubricant batches

Masterbatch EXP
Blowing agent batches

Masterbatch ROD
Rodent-repellent batch

Masterbatch FLU
Fluorescent batches

Masterbatch SFX
Effect batches

Masterbatch FLR Batches for flame retardancy

Product code: 1100
Masterbatch FLR alters the combustion behavior of plastics by chemically or physically intervening. Processes are created that prevent oxygen from reacting with flammable substances while also cooling them. This allows a fire to be immediately extinguished or extremely delayed. Thus, workplace safety in plastic processing is increased. Plastics made from Masterbatch FLR are therefore perfect materials for machinery (e.g., automobiles) or for items used in extremely hot environments (e.g., firefighter hoses). Masterbatch FLR is available in classes V-2, V-1, and V-0 (all according to UL94). Masterbatch FLR ist in den Klassen V-2, V-1 und V-0 (alle nach UL94) erhältlich.

Masterbatch ABR: Abrasion improvement batches

Product code: 2100
Masterbatch ABR is used to improve abrasion resistance. It makes the plastic more flexible, resulting in fewer signs of wear on both the plastic itself and the counter body (such as tools). The lifespan of the plastic and the entire device is significantly increased. Masterbatch ABR is particularly useful when the product application involves two surfaces rubbing against each other. Application: Shoe soles, rollers, and gears Anwendung: Schuhsohlen, Rollen und Zahnräder

Masterbatch FOG: Antifogging batch

Product code: 2200
Masterbatch FOG ensures that no vapors are generated during the production of plastics, eliminating the need for ventilation. It also ensures the safety of employees working near the machine, especially if the vapors are toxic. Additionally, machine lifespan can be extended as vapor may cause rust on the machines.
Application: Food packaging, horticulture

Masterbatch LAS: Batches for laser marking

Product code: 2300
Since plastics have limited capability for laser marking, our Masterbatch LAS is used. Special pigments optimize the interaction of the polymer with the high-energy laser, creating optimal contrast between different sections and producing perfect markings. Masterbatch LAS is also available as a combination batch (with color)

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Masterbatch LSW: Batches for laser welding

Product code: 2400
Masterbatch LSW is used to improve the weldability of plastics. By adding additives, the absorption behavior of the polymer is specifically adjusted in the wavelength range of the laser used. The result is highly strong welded joints between various joining partners that are difficult or impossible to separate.
Application: Automotive, cosmetics, food

Masterbatch ASC: Batches for anti-scratch and surface improvement

Product code: 2500
The Masterbatch ASC is used to improve the surface quality of PP while simultaneously increasing scratch resistance.
To achieve this, it contains a highly effective organically modified siloxane additive. This additive creates a thin film on the surface of the finished part, which bonds with the inner solid to form a unified unit. Special features of this particular film include its non-migratory nature, reduction of surface friction, and enhancement of the scratch resistance properties of PP.

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Masterbatch NUC: Nucleating batch

Product code: 3100
Masterbatch NUC promotes the formation of a uniform structure in partially crystalline polymers (e.g., polyolefins, PA12, and POM). The creation of numerous small spherulites during the cooling of the melt results in exceptionally good mechanical properties for the compounds. Another advantage of adding Masterbatch NUC is shorter cycle times during processing, resulting in significantly shorter production times

Masterbatch IMP: Impact modifier

Product code: 3200
By adding Masterbatch IMP, mechanical properties such as impact strength, biaxial elongation, and flexibility can be improved even at low temperatures (down to -40°C).

Masterbatch EXM: Mold Release batches

Product code: 4100
Our mold release batch simplifies the demolding of plastic components during the injection molding process, leading to shorter cycle times. It also reduces white breakage and lowers scrap rates. The mold release batch does not affect surface and product properties.

Masterbatch CYC: Batches for cycle time reduction

Product code: 4200
The production of certain components is associated with extremely long cycle times, making it economically inefficient. Masterbatch CYC shortens cycle times in injection molding by, for example, cooling the plastic faster.

Masterbatch SLP: Lubricant batches

Product code: 4300
Masterbatch SLP improves the flow behavior of plastics. Additional positive properties of the lubricant batch include good homogenization, phase mediation, and dispersion of the melt. The demoldability of the material is also improved. Finished parts also receive a lasting anti-blocking and slip effect.

Masterbatch DRY: Drying batches

Product code: 4400
Masterbatch DRY ensures that the plastic is dry and not affected by external moisture. This extends the lifespan of plastics that frequently come into contact with liquid media (e.g., tires, boats).

Masterbatch ABL: Antiblock batches

Product code: 4500
Masterbatch ABL prevents the blocking behavior of plastics. It also alters the relaxation capability of the plastic, thereby improving its flow behavior. This prevents air entrapment when injecting into a plastic mold, thus enhancing the quality of the product. Additionally, it extends the lifespan of injection molding machines.

Masterbatch AOX: Antioxidans Batches

Product code: 5100
Masterbatch AOX prevents the chain degradation process in plastics, which is triggered by heat exposure or mechanical stress. The properties (e.g., optical and mechanical) of plastic components are maintained by adding Masterbatch AOX. The masterbatch is primarily used to protect finished products and increase their durability.

Masterbatch EXP: Blowing agent batches

Product code: 5200
Masterbatch EXP ensures that the volume and density of a plastic can be increased as desired. This means much fewer raw materials are needed for production. In addition, the masterbatch has other advantages such as extremely good thermal insulation and sound absorption, reduced water vapor permeability, and moisture absorption.

Masterbatch ODR: Odor absorber

Product code: 5300 Masterbatch ODR offers an outstanding solution to effectively eliminate unpleasant odors in compounds. This batch significantly contributes to enhancing the value of recycled products by supporting odor neutralization, thus enabling sustainable solutions in various applications.

Masterbatch CDE: Batches for electrical conductivity

Product code: 6100
The electrical conductivity of plastics can be increased by adding Masterbatch CDE. The filler particles contained in the masterbatch form an ion-conducting network within the polymer matrix. Masterbatch CDE serves as a permanent antistatic treatment for almost all thermoplastic plastics, and can also reduce the risk of accidents in explosion-prone areas.

Masterbatch AST: Antistatic batches

Product code: 6200
Masterbatch AST can specifically reduce the surface resistance of plastics. Negative consequences of electrostatic charging, such as spark formation and dust attraction, can thus be avoided. This ensures cleanliness and a low fire risk. Masterbatch AST is available as either a short-term or long-term antistatic agent, depending on the requirement. Applications: Packaging, computer chips, remote controls. Masterbatch AST is available as both short-term and long-term antistatic agents as needed. Application: Packaging, computer chips, remote controls

Masterbatch ROD: Rodent-repellent batch

Product code: 7100
Masterbatch ROD for rodent repellence offers an effective solution to prevent damage by rodents in various applications. By adding this batch to compounds, reliable deterrence against rodents is achieved, ensuring product integrity and hygiene.

Masterbatch AMB: Batches for microbial protection

Product code: 7200
Masterbatch AMB protects plastics used in outdoor and moist applications. The masterbatch contains additives that effectively prevent bacterial contamination (e.g., E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria). Applications: Hospital and kitchen areas, sanitary products.

Masterbatch COL: Color batches

Product code: 8100
Farben nach Kundenwunsch. Individuelle Farbentwicklung beinhaltet die Umsetzung der Kundenvorgaben nach Farbe, Referenzmaterial und Produktanforderungen. Abhängig vom einzufärbenden Rohstoff ist eine Vielzahl transparenter, transluzenter und deckender Farbeinstellungen möglich.

Masterbatch AYE: Anti-yellowing batches

Product code: 8200
Masterbatch AYE prevents the yellowing of plastics. It is a specific type of blue color batch that compensates for emerging yellowing. Masterbatch AYE is particularly useful for exterior plastic parts.

Masterbatch FLU: Fluorescence batches

Product code: 8300
The Masterbatch FLU is used to impart fluorescence to plastics, allowing them to glow under specific lighting conditions. This property enhances both visibility and aesthetic appeal, making the material ideal for various applications.

Masterbatch UVP: Batches for light and UV protection

Product code: 8400
Masterbatch UVP improves the resistance of plastics to the harmful UV component of sunlight. By converting UV radiation into thermal energy, UV absorbers form a protective layer. The UV resistance of plastic components, especially for outdoor applications, can be increased. Combination batches with thermal stabilization are also possible.
Application: Building and garden articles, electrical articles.

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Masterbatch PCT: Batches for light protection of filler material

Product code: 8500
Masterbatch PCT protects filler material from light-dependent and thermal degradation. Components made from compounds containing Masterbatch PCT remain stable against solar radiation even with prolonged exposure. This significantly extends the lifespan and quality of plastics during extended operation.

Masterbatch PHO: Batches for phosphorescence Batches for phosphorescence

Product code: 8320
Masterbatch PHO causes the phosphorescent coloring of polymers (e.g., polyolefins, PET, PA, ABS, SAN, and EVA). Fluorescent objects, commonly referred to as neon colors, are easily recognizable in the dark and provide greater safety in daily life. Incorporating fluorescent pigments into the plastic instead of using a corresponding coating ensures a permanent luminous effect. Application: Sports and leisure articles, safety signs and markers, toys.

Masterbatch LUX: Batches for color brilliance

Product code: 8800
Masterbatch LUX ensures products with high-quality color appearance. Special color pigments in the masterbatch enable the production of products with particularly intense coloration. They contain optical brighteners that significantly increase the whiteness and brilliance of colors. This allows different plastic parts to be distinguished more easily.

Masterbatch SFX: Effect batches

Product code: 8600
The main active ingredient of Masterbatch SFX is mica. Therefore, Masterbatch SFX gives the produced plastic increased tensile strength, increased modulus of elasticity, reduced thermal expansion, reduced shrinkage, improved heat resistance, increased thermal stability, better abrasion resistance, and lower extrusion speed. This is associated with a special coloration. Additionally, Masterbatch SFX reduces the production cost of the plastic.